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Autumn Storm, the playlist you need to relax

Maybe some of you know the tea of Pickwick, Autumn Storm. Well, I know it and it´s my ultimate fall tea. As soon as the leaves are turning brown I´m starting to drink lots of tea, especially Autumn Storm. The title of my new playlist is inspired by this tea. This...

It´s a thing, almost 3 years captured in a magazine

Almost 3 years ago I published my first post on I started blogging anonymous, no one knew I had my own blog. But soon I was so passionate about it, I just wanted to share it with my friends and family. First I told my mom and after that, I also...

Challenge Accepted, Golden Hour Here I come

I saw this ( ... ) video of Julia Trotti on YouTube and it made me realize I never go outside my box. The next day I was going to shoot in the golden hour no matter what. Normally I never shoot with backlight, just because it's so hard to focus right. But it wasn't as...

The Modern Fairytail | Flash

      "Love your whole story Even if it hasn't been the perfect fairy tail." -  Melanie Moushigain Koulouris   My little sister was so sweet and helped me out with this shoot. I was a bit inspired by @IreneRudnyk. She always creates those amazing fairy...

I copied @yourfriendandre for a week

I think almost everyone knows the 'I copied... Instagram for a week' challenge. I did one in February, for a week I copied the Instagram of Brandon Woelfel. But for this week I chose another photographer, @yourfriendandre. If you followed me on Instagram you've maybe...

Welcome on, the blog for all your photography interests. Do you just need some inspiration or do you search for some helpful tips? is the place to be. My goal is to inspire people by doing the things I love to do.

I was born in 2002 and as a little kid I used to write my own little stories. I created my own books but at a when I turned 9 (I think), I started my own blog. A couple years later I started So It’s Rose, my interest in photography grew. Now I take photo’s of friends, at weddings, from little puppies and also from cute couples.

I always wrote in Dutch at my blog but from now on (26-06-2018 exact) I will start to write in English. But I warn you, English isn’t my best skill…

Well now you know what Soit’ is, I hope you will enjoy yourself here. see you soon!

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