golden hour

I saw this ( ) video of Julia Trotti on YouTube and it made me realize I never go outside my box. The next day I was going to shoot in the golden hour no matter what. Normally I never shoot with backlight, just because it’s so hard to focus right. But it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The pictures turned out just great and I’m really excited to show them!

My parents weren’t home, I asked my sisters if they wanted to model and of course, they said yes.  As I said my parents weren’t home so we needed to bring our little brother. And he was so cute I couldn’t hold myself for not taking pictures of him.

little boy with rain coat

I’ve taken so many photos so I couldn’t get sad about not having one good picture. The opposite happened I was stuck with so many great photos, I’ve been editing for hours. So here are some of my favorite picture of this shoot.

happiness sunset sun rise About Julia Trotti, she always creates those elegant and natural photos. I love her style and all the videos she uploads on her YouTube channel. And you should definitely check it out. If you´re searching for more inspirational photographers on YouTube you should also check these channels:

Photographer YouTubers:
  1. Sorelle Amore  (especially the Advanced Selfie series)
  2. Mangostreet  (it’s so inspirational, for photography but also cinematically)
  3. Irene Rudnyk  (she create those perfect blurry backgrounds and fairytale-isch pictures)
  4. Jessica Kobeissi  (check her 3 Photographers, the Same Model Challenge)

golden hour independant women portrait

So what do you think, did I accomplish this challenge? Or should I practice some more? At least I really liked doing this and I´m sure I´m gonna do this way more often. Right now the sun is shining right through my window at my laptop. Maybe I should pick my camera and just shoot more golden hour pictures? And now I challenge you, pick up your phone o3`rr camera and ga shoot outside, no matter what the light situation is, create. You´ll see, every situation has something special and you should learn how to deal with every situation.