So It's Rose


My name is Roos or Rose. I blog on since 2015, that’s almost 3 years now.  I started this blog as a hobby. Sharing my hobbies, experiences and my interests. But after a year I got more interested in photography So I got my first SLR camera on my 14th birthday. One year later I bought a new lens, my 50mm. And now turned out to be a Photography blog with a personal touch.

Well, now you know what my biggest hobby is but of course you wanna know more about me. Otherwise you wouldn´t visit this page.

  1. Chocolate is fantastic (and food in general)
  2. I like fashion and playing with clothes
  3. I live in a big family, parents, 2 sisters and a little brother
  4. At home I spent way too much time on my blog
  5. You can say I have a bit of a Instagram obsession
  6. My dream is to become a Travel Influencer or make from my hobby my job
  7. My parents are falconers (@devalkroofvogels)
  8. I really love traveling

Now you know some little facts about me. I also wanted to mention that I was born on August the 19th at 2002. That means I’m 15 now but, almost 16!

For questions you can mail or fill this contact form in.

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