wedding photographer equipmentWhoop, whoop! The first article in my new series, The Bride and Groom Series. In this post, I´ll tell you everything about the equipment I use but also all the preparations before that big day. So, if you´re curious stay tuned. Have everything clear,

This is really important. If it´s your first wedding there´s a big chance the bride and groom are friends or family. That doesn´t mean you don´t need clear instructions. You wanna know, like a month before the big day, what they are expecting from you.

pentax k50

Pentax K50 + 50mm f1.8 + AF360FGZ II Flash

What do you absolutely wanna know as the photographer?
  1. Schedule
  2. Location(s)
  3. Amount you ask
  4. Photobook or not?

1. How late are they expecting you? If you should photograph the couple getting ready it’s possible you need to set your alarm…  But you also wanna know when the first sight is happening and how long you have for the photoshoot. If they have a schedule they can send it to you. Be sure you check it. Maybe you need to bring a car but (of course) I don’t have one. With one wedding there was also a videographer who had a car with enough place for me. But with the other wedding, it was possible to get in the car with the groom picking up the bride and after that, there was another photographer who could drive me.

2. Where will the photoshoot take place? Is it outside, you could ask for a backup option for rainy days. Or (what I did) bring some umbrella’s and make the most out of it. You also wanna know where all the guests will be and where the ceremony will take place.

3. You should have it clear about how much you ask. Just so there are no uncertainties.

4. How are you going to deliver the photos?  There are different options but make sure you make agreements. Some people just deliver all the photos they have taken and don’t edit them. I’m not a great fan of that way, you want to show your work and that includes your edits. If you’re going to edit them you are still able to choose if you deliver all the photos or only the best ones. If you have 3 almost the same photos it’s possible to deliver all three of them or just one, that’s just your choice. And maybe the couple also wants a photobook, that’s also a point you can discuss.

FjallRaven Kanken

Equipment I used

Pentax 50-200mm f4

If you have any questions about my equipment just ask. I have not that much knowledge of cameras and equipment but maybe I can help you. Luckily I have a mom with a camera which is really helpful if your camera crash or something you’ll always have a backup.

Prepare yourself

I think it´s really helpful to have some inspiration. You can scroll in Pinterest or stalk your favorite wedding photographers on Instagram. The accounts I really like are (you can click on the names):


And HERE is also my Pinterest board with wedding photography inspiration. The day before you should make sure you go early to bed and set your alarm. Because you don´t want to hurry in the morning so just make sure you packed your bag Take the time you need in the morning and if it´s possible a bit more. Have your breakfast and maybe put a breadbox in your bag to make sure you won´t become hungry. It´s also clever to bring a bottle of water with you.

Love  Roos