I think almost everyone knows the ‘I copied… Instagram for a week’ challenge. I did one in February, for a week I copied the Instagram of Brandon Woelfel. But for this week I chose another photographer, @yourfriendandre. If you followed me on Instagram you’ve maybe noticed my photos were a bit different than normal…

The first photo I wanna recreate was this picture of a girl in a bathtub filled with flowers. I called my sister and put her in our bath filled with water and some flowers. And see here the result!

For day 2 I chose a simple picture to recreate. I picked one of the flowers I used before and asked my other sister if she wanted to model for me. And of course, she couldn’t refuse that.

I just loved the simplicity, the beautiful bokeh in the background and the sharpness of the eyes. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be but I think my picture turned out really nice.

The photo I chose for day 3 to recreate was so nice! I saw it in Andre’s feed and I immediately loved it. If you see his photo you wish you were there too. The yellow tones and the laugh make everyone happy, right?

And to be honest I think I did a really good job. My photo turned out really nice but thanks to Francis for being my model!

The photo for day number 4 is not that difficult to recreate if you see it at first. But it wasn’t that easy. We hadn’t the same color wall so I had to adjust that a bit in Photoshop.

As you can see it isn’t exact the same but I like my photo as well but it is just a bit different. But my model is also just really pretty, isn’t she?

Photo number 5 was a hard one to recreate but the photo of Andre was so cute that I need to recreate it. With some fake flowers, we tried to get the same shot.

We hadn’t the exact same flowers but we just tried our best with what we had. I was lucky with a model with such beautiful eyes. The photo didn’t turn out the same but I think the photo is great!!

For day 6 we recreated a photo Andre had to recreate. It’s a photo of Ariane Grande. The photo looks so good in Andre’s feed so we needed to recreate it.

With many different lipglosses and loads of highlighter I put Francis in front of the same wall she was before (with the sunflowers). I wasn’t good prepared and it turned my camera was empty so I couldn’t get more than 7 shots. At home, I watched the photos and it turned out I hadn’t her shoulders on the photo. So after some hours with photoshop, I finally got the photo. We did a pretty good job, didn’t we?

Day 7, the last day. I chose a picture Andre shot with Adelain. There was pizza in it, so I thought this was the perfect shot to finish the week.

But this was a hard one to recreate. We weren’t in the same spot with the PIZZA led lights so I had to photoshop that. But we hadn’t the same light or at least some good light. But after all, it turned out being not so bad.

What do you think, did I do a good job or did I fail? And which photo was your favorite? I’m curious, let me know in a reaction below!

And at 7 p.m. I post a little behind the scenes video on IGTV.