Bride and Groom series

I know, it´s the ultimate challenge for a photographer. Being THE photographer at a wedding. 2018 Was my wedding year, 4 of my uncles/aunts were getting married this year. 2 Of them asked me if I wanted to capture there day, of course, I said ‘I Do’. So here I’m, starting the Bride and Groom series.

In the past 6 months, I’ve been busy with these weddings and creating the Bride and Grooms Series. You all know I’m not a wedding photographer and you shouldn’t think I’m a real pro after these two and a half weddings. But after all, I think I can help the beginners, the people who’ve been asked for their first wedding as a photographer, out. In the upcoming posts, I’ll give you some advice, tips, obstacles and just my experiences.

But first, some matching music to get in the mood. It’s just a playlist from Spotify but it has beautiful romantic music which totally fits the ambiance. Do you know a song what you should play at your wedding? I’m just curious.

There are coming 6 other articles:
  1. Preparing, before the wedding day + Equipment
  2. Getting Ready
  3. Photoshoot
  4. Ceremony + Reception
  5. Dinner + Party
  6. Process the photos + Photo Album

Article 1 will be full of tips and things you shouldn’t forget to check before you start. Like what to ask your Bride and Groom but also how you get some inspiration. You should also think about what you’re going to wear and what you should pack.

In article 2 till 5 I’ll be talking about how everything went and share some of the best photos. I’ll mix photos from both weddings and give my opinion about them.

The last article, number 6 is an article where I’m going to edit the pictures but also create a photo album. I’ll tell you how I did it and maybe I also have a little present for you guys!

So the past weeks or almost months if been being a bit absent. But the coming weeks are going to be busy. Once a month (every first Friday of the month) there will be a new post in the Birde and Groom series. Don’t forget to subscribe, at the bottom of this page you can subscribe with a BlogLovin account or with your e-mail and make sure you will not miss it!