Welcome on Soitsrose.nl. Everything you’ll see is new and improved. From now on you can expect really cool articles with lots of photos. The last couple of weeks I worked on a new layout for my blog. Not everything changed but there are some really exciting changes which I wanna share with you the changes on this blog.

The changes on this blog

First of all, the new homepage has a completely new look. It’s no longer a simple page with my latest blog posts but a collage which shows everything about Soitsrose.nl. But don’t worry the page with my blog posts and that cool slider are still alive! On top of my blog you see a menu with the buttons, Home (which brings you to the homepage, duh) , Blog (this button leads you to the page with my latest articles ore you can search for a particular category, there is also a button with portfolio on it which brings you to my portfolio and a button for my contact page.
On my homepage, you directly see a couple of my own favorite images and gives you a bit of the feeling of being a part of the So it’s Rose family. Many beautiful eyes welcome you to the magic of So it’s Rose.

But also my portfolio page got a metamorphosis. When you click on the portfolio button at the menu on top of my blog you arrive on a page with 4 photos. Each photo is clickable and leads you to a page with photos of that particular category. You can click on the beautiful eyes of my little sisters which will take you to a bunch of portraits. But you can also choose to click on the eyes of my dad and a beautiful eagle to end up on a page of various animals. There is also the choice to click on a photo of snow which will bring you to some awesome lifestyle photo’s or you click on my head and get lost on a page with many heads of myself. I’ll give you one tip, you can also click on all of them and get the whole experience!

And the biggest update is the switch from Dutch to Englisch. It’s still a bit scary and especially really hard to write in Englisch but I think it’s worth the try. If you find some mistakes you can always email me (Soitsrose@gmail.nl).

See you soon!