playlist autumn

Maybe some of you know the tea of Pickwick, Autumn Storm. Well, I know it and it´s my ultimate fall tea. As soon as the leaves are turning brown I´m starting to drink lots of tea, especially Autumn Storm. The title of my new playlist is inspired by this tea. This playlist is just like the tea, cozy and relaxed. There are many acoustic numbers, covers but also feel good numbers.


Autumn Storm the Playlist

It´s almost a month fall now but it just feels like it´s still summer. The weather was so good the past days. Last weekend I just wore my shorts, how crazy?! But now I’m just excited for fall and the winter. I’m planning so many fun things for December (who can guess what?).

I also received a planner from Purpuz. It’s so stylish and it has so many nice functions. I really hope this will work for me. As many of you would know I’m a sucker in planning, I tried bullet journaling, having an agenda and also an online agenda. But it just doesn’t work out. This planner is for 2019, so maybe 2019 will finally be organized, let’s hope so.

What do you think of the numbers in this playlist? It isn`t like the top 50 or something but it really helps me relax and focus on my work. Now I`m writing this article I also listen to this playlist (and maybe humming a bit).

Today I discovered Kodaline and I love this band! I’m really into watching music videos. By coincidence I found Brother and it’s so beautiful! I really tried not to cry but it’s almost impossible ( I’m a bit of a cryer….). You should really check their music(videos) out. Trust Me Lonely from Alessia Cara has also a really nice video clip. It’s totally different but I love it! The last cool music video I’m going to share today is the video of More Than Friends. This one is also really different but it’s so cool. Alright, it`s not the last one, I almost forgot Consequences from Camilla Cabello. This video is my favorite of all! Dylan Sprouse is in this video (which makes every video amazing) but it’s not only him. It matches the music so well and you really feel the struggle. They made a really cool video with all the effects.

Do you have any music(video) recommendations or do you have a favorite in my playlist? I`m really curious so don`t be shy and just share them. I`ll see you guys soon because I`m working on some really cool stuff to show you.